30 de abril de 2016


The Tarot of Prague LE edition and my King Wenceslas relic
after a lovely ritual at Charles Bridge

Nietzsche affirms, in Ecco Homo: "When I look for another word for music, I only ever find the word Venice”. 
I say to you: if I look for another word to say arcane, I find only the world Prague.

Angelo Maria Ripellino 
Magic Prague, 1973

The Tarot of Prague is one of the most luxurious decks that have ever been created. As a result of intense historical and iconographic researching and frequent photographic tours by Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov, this deck is not only a tribute to the capital of the Czech Republic as well as a unique tool for oracular expression. It introduces us to the symbols of several centuries and reigns of Bohemia, all of them combined in an original way by one of Europe's largest art studios: the Baba Studio

A predictive reading that I’ve made on Tarot of Prague is a main reason for this article. 'A rebirth is coming', have said the cards. In a first sight, it was strange due to the continuous denying from the authors about a reprint. Out of the blue, the idea of a magic tour in Prague has changed their plans. After all, a new edition would be fundamental to honor Prague and the itinerary of the tour. And was perfect. I've been there.

The first edition and the reprint of my favorite deck
Yes, I'm a Tarot of Prague collector

I realized the existence of the Tarot of Prague in 2005, when it was totally sold out. After many years of searching, I finally found it out in the end of 2014 and since then I started to use it in my professional readings. As a tarot deck collector, I can assure this is one of the most beautiful ever made worldwide. Precious. I also assert it is one of the seven wonders among all tools in the oracular universe. The link among its symbols and the Prague’s scenarios converges with the oracular structure undertaken by A. E. Waite and Pamela C. Smith: the Tarot of Prague is entirely based on the RSW system, which makes it a handy deck to any reader who is familiar with illustrated Minor Arcana. The simple act of contemplating the cards or reading them proves the magnificence of one of the most mysterious and beloved cities in the world.

The Judgement and the Page of Pentacles

The first and the second editions — out of print since 2004 — of the Tarot of Prague are totally overpriced today. Thus, 13 years after the first edition, Alex Ukolov and Karen Mahony give birth to new versions of the deck: a standard edition and a limited edition

The NEW Tarot of Prague
Standard Edition & Limited Edition

There are two main reasons to the return of the Tarot of Prague: the first is the Magic Prague Tour, happened between 2016 April 16th and 22nd, developed by a partnership between BabaStudio and Markéta Hradecká from Caput Regni Private Tours. Their idea attracted a restricted group of astrologers, magic enthusiasts and Tarot readers from several countries (Brazil, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, England and USA), which was conducted to one week of activities related to Cabala, Alchemy, Astrology, Tarot and the Czech culture. 

Here we are!
Photo: Alex Ukolov

Handling the Tarot of Prague was absolutely necessary to understand better Mahony and Ukolov’s creative process and to visualize the city through the arcana, which are the better artistic tribute to the history and magic of Prague. The second is, as the deck’s little white book expresses, “in part, a farewell to the city”. BabaStudio moves to Ireland and gets a new name: BabaBarock. But they're planning new Magic Tours. I've been in Prague for the first one. I'm still speechless but I can show some pictures from this unforgettable time. 

Getting ready for Czech spells and streets

Alex Ukolov in action! 
The Tarot of Prague as a tool for the guides

Karen Mahony showing her original Oswald Wirth's deck found in Prague

The Full Moon blessing the City of Magic

The Red Hermit of Charles Bridge
After a lovely ritual with the gorgeous cloak by BabaStudio

The Bohemian Gothic Tarot in Sedlec, the Bone Chapel
A wonderful day in Kutná Hora

A very interesting panorama of the Czech cartomancy
Original cards and rarities with Pavel Langer

The Golem, the tombs and the Magic
at the Jewish Quarter

The wonderful dreamer of the 'Seven of Cups'
St. Vitus Cathedral — Prague Castle

All about Libuše, the Celtic founder of Prague

The Tarot of Prague IN Prague
Karen Mahony — inspired by Yeats — and the Celtic Cross

'The Moon' card at Nerudova Street
I could worship this statue

Alchemical Menu: the dessert with gold!
The best Czech restaurants ever

The mysterious guide of the Ghost Tour
You can walk testifying the creepiest stories from Prague

Every façade has a secret, as Alex Ukolov taught me
Can you see? It's a fable!

What about the BabaStudio?
YES, we have been there!


The Tarot of Prague [to love forever]

I'm in love with Prague. Reading Ripellino's Praga Magica I can dive into a world of poets, kings, rabbis, alchemists, marionettes, puppet masters and esoteric secrets. According to Franz Kafka, “Prague doesn’t let you go”. It's true. We can say the same about the Tarot of Prague: those who touch it once will be transformed forever. All the cards have been resized and recolored. There are also two extra cards in each deck: 'The Death' and 'The Sun' (Standard Edition); 'The Death' and 'The Lovers' (Limited Edition). Such changes make this new edition very different from the precedents “but as wonderfully readable as ever”. 

It’s really impressive that a statue in Nerudova Street is on a card randomly selected by someone in Rio de Janeiro who wants to know about work or love. It's magical. Before, the images were based in drawings and some photos. Currently, the pictures are powerful than ever, making every card crystal clear. The metallic overlay makes this deck so alive as an open window in Malá Straná, the charming quarter. The new decks were printed in a high quality cardstock, more resistant than the first and the second editions. On the back of every card we have the gorgeous illustration of the four elements with the magic palindrome again. This inscription, found in the New Town Hall Tower, is used for protection against evil forces. It fits perfectly for the cards, avoiding bad influences in the readings. It's magic. Magic from Prague.

two decks — two sizes — two passions

The gorgeous back card and the Little White Book

On the other hand, the LWB is the same and presents some new keywords. The standard edition comes inside a sturdy box whose cover shows 'The Moon', one of the most famous — and gorgeous — card of this project. The deluxe edition is in a large size (about 6.5 * 4 inches) which comes with an exclusive silk scarf, is presented in a special hinged box, with the 'Knight of Wands', doing justice to the adjective “limited”: there are only 900 decks in the world. Both versions show a hologram in the box, which assures the BabaBarock's authenticity.


Beside Ripellino's masterpiece I have Mahony's Companion Book — one of the best Tarot books ever. It was edited in 2003 with the first edition of the deck. The new one, revised and expanded, is now sold separately. It has 264 pages and presents:

·  brief description, keywords, short and fuller interpretation of each card — including different meanings of extra cards

·  the sources from the visual and historical references of each card, as illustrations, photos and important details of the city and the cards

·  historical information on the city and famous characters as the Rabi Loew and his Golem, Libuse, the celtic founder of Prague, the Royal Route, the Golden Lane, the Memento Mori in Bohemia and many of the real or mythological figures and places included in the deck 

·  a Tarot readings section with spreads as the Celtic Cross, the Three Cards Spread and The Threshold Spread — ‘threshold' would the real meaning of ‘Prague’ — developed by the author exclusively for the deck

·  storytelling with the cards, symbology and a summary of terms

The Tarot of Prague Companion Book
2016 Edition by Karen Mahony

The new editions of the Tarot of Prague are undoubtedly indispensable in any collection. Precious. As always. I can say those new decks will be sold out quickly — there’s no need of another predictive reading to foresee it. 

I wish to thank Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov for this incredible experience in Prague. Thanks to Rose Yoshimoto, Alexandra Maya, Vanessa Tuleski and our new friends. We're all connected now! And last but no least, thanks Alexey Dodsworth for being with me on this dream. 

Thank you Prague. 
You're so real now.

Five cards to Vysehrad 

"The Magic City never leaves you!"
Ludamila the Witch

3 de abril de 2016


Para Edy, Rose, Humberto e Priscilla, 
o Café Tarot do Arouche

The Book of Shadows Tarot
LoScarabeo, 2012

E se houvesse um método para medir as energias do consulente? E se esse método especificasse as forças e as carências dos quatro planos principais da existência [material, emocional, mental e espiritual], de acordo com os quatro naipes do Tarô? Pois sim, este método existe. Aliás, existem métodos de leitura para quase tudo no universo da Cartomancia. A maioria deles é válida, desde que se conheça suficientemente bem a estrutura da disposição e, claro, o oráculo utilizado.

A princípio chamei de MEDIDOR esta leitura que avalia QUEM o consulente representa no momento — clara referência às Cartas Reais {Pajem, Cavaleiro, Rainha e Rei} — e ONDE ele se encontra — as condições e os lugares simbolizados pelos Arcanos Menores Numerados {do Ás ao 10 de cada naipe}. Assim, sabendo quem ele é e aonde está no momento, pensei em avaliar os principais desafios e também as vantagens do consulente em determinado período. A primeira experiência que fiz com esta tiragem foi no primeiro CAFÉ TAROT no Arouche, um pequeno grande projeto em parceria com a amada Edy de Lucca. A sessão se desenvolveu com cinco arranjos abertos, analisados um a um. Depois da experiência, bastante interessante, comecei a analisar minhas cartas com a devida atenção. E os prognósticos, assim como as diretrizes, têm sido significativos.


Separe as 16 cartas que compõem as quatro Cortes do Tarô em quatro pilhas de acordo com seu naipe — uma de Paus, uma de Copas, uma de Espadas e uma de Ouros. 

Embaralhe as quatro pilhas separadamente e tire uma carta de cada uma. Faça o mesmo com os Arcanos Numerados, em mais quatro pilhas distintas. Assim, teremos duas cartas para cada naipe {arcano real, arcano numerado}, com 8 cartas no total.

ARCANO REAL: quem sou agora
ARCANO NUMERADO: aonde estou
como está minha espiritualidade, minha força, minhas motivações

ARCANO REAL: quem sou agora
ARCANO NUMERADO: aonde estou
como está o meu emocional, meus relacionamentos, meus anseios

ARCANO REAL: quem sou agora
ARCANO NUMERADO: aonde estou
como está meu intelecto, minha comunicação, meus pensamentos

ARCANO REAL: quem sou agora
ARCANO NUMERADO: aonde estou
como está meu poder aquisitivo, meus recursos, meus projetos


Não acabou! Conhecidos os oito Arcanos Menores, embaralhe e puxe quatro Arcanos Maiores, um para cada pilha. Eles desvelam as ATITUDES a serem tomadas para (re)estabelecer a harmonia nos quatro âmbitos. É prudente extrair conselhos nobres destes quatro Maiores, pois eles direcionam o consulente da maneira mais adequada possível, já que a orientação emerge contextualizada em cada um dos planos. Agora, o total é de 12 cartas.

que atitude se deve tomar em relação às motivações e à espiritualidade

que atitude se deve tomar em relação às emoções e aos relacionamentos

que atitude se deve tomar em relação à comunicação e aos pensamentos

que atitude se deve tomar em relação aos recursos e aos investimentos


A validade da tiragem deve ser estipulada antes: mínimo de UM e máximo de TRÊS MESES. Depois do período escolhido, recomendo fazer outra leitura para analisar o rearranjo das forças.

Que tal? Gostaram? Monte o seu Medidor e analise os arcanos com cuidado. A clareza, o detalhamento e a orientação deste método podem impressionar você.